Water is the most common reason for the fabric of buildings to deteriorate. Solid Installs carries out guaranteed treatments to resolve damp issues throughout the North-West of England for both domestic and commercial clients.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality, service and customer satisfaction. All of our work is covered by a no quibble ten year guarantee.

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Rising damp

If a building’s damp proof course has become damaged, or if there is no damp proof course at all, then the building will be susceptible to rising damp. Rising damp is water coming up from the ground, which can cause cosmetic and structural problems to a property. It can also cause health issues for people living in the property so it is important to get it fixed.

Damp proofingSolid Installs has trained technicians who can carry out the most appropriate treatments for your property, professionally and expertly, with the minimum of disruption. The damp proof course is achieved by drilling holes in the wall and injecting a damp proof membrane. We will then replace any damaged plaster and leave the wall looking as good as new.

Bridging damp

Bridging damp refers to the bridging of damp proof courses and is caused when the ground level outside a solid wall is higher than the installed damp proof course. It can also occur when rendering on external walls or internal plastering extends down below the line of the damp proof course, making contact with the ground, which allows water to rise up and makes the damp proof course defective.

Penetrating damp

Penetrating damp normally affects older buildings and is generally caused by issues with the building itself such as cracks in external rendering, problems with defective guttering and drainpipes or roof issues. Any of these types of issues can allow rain water to saturate and penetrate areas of wall.

Penetrating damp can be extremely damaging to a property. The fix will entirely depend on how the water is entering the property. Our friendly and trained team can come and assess the damage and give a comprehensive damp survey to find out potential areas of concern for potential damp.

We are happy to come out and visit you. We will assess your requirements and give a free, no obligation estimate. We will try our best to beat any other estimate provided by any other company.

Give us a call us today on 0161 933 8373 to arrange a free estimate.

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  • All of our work is covered by a no quibble ten year guarantee
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